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Twitter Pic: "We are eating breakfast with Elyse at Bob Evans before we leave
for the airport. Elyse will be flying out to meet us next week."

Twitter Pic: "It is almost 11am and we are scrambling with last minute details. One,
of which is getting our stuff to Colorado that we cannot take on the bikes."

Twitter Pic: "Our bikes are being loaded onto the plane."

Twitter Pic: "This lady had seat between us. Spoke very little English. Pointed
out to Garry an Ad about a remedy for baldness in a Sky Mall ma

Twitter Pic: "We have to unwrap our bikes at airport."

Day One

Twitter Pic: "We are leaving the Denver hotel around 7am local time.
Our journey today is 30 miles across Denver.

Twitter Pic: "We took Colfax through Denver. It goes next to the Colorado State Capital."

Twitter Pic: "We also passed the Denver Bronco's home playing field."

Twitter Tweet:
We are staying in Golden, CO tonight. It is just at the bottom of our ascent to the Rockies via Loveland Pass, who's elevation is just under 12,000 ft.

Day Two

Twitter Pic: "It is 6:45am and we are leaving our hotel in Golden.
We will be starting our ascent up the Rockies very shortly."

Twitter Pic: "We have been climbing the foothills. We saw a lovely deer.
We came from the valley in the picture. It has taken 1 1/2 hours."

Twitter Pic: "There's a lot of beautiful mountain flowers. Joy LOVES flowers!"

Twitter Pic: "It is 9am here. We just came to the top of the
foothills and have a view of our journey ahead."

Twitter Pic: "Joy's bike was having problems with her brakes.
Fortunately we found a bike shop at the top of the foothills."

Twitter Pic: "Another look at where we are headed today."

Twitter Pic: "Garry liked the sign."

Twitter Pic: "Colorado has bike paths that run alongside creeks and
off of the main road. We were glad to find one as we get closer
to our stop for the night."

Twitter Pic: "A covered bridge for cyclists. How cool is that?"

Twitter Pic: "We finally made it to Idaho Springs.
We've been biking, mostly up hill, for 6 hours!

Twitter Pic: "We finally get to eat! We picked Sugar Plum Restaurant."

Twitter Pic: "The place we're staying tonight is called Indian
Hot Springs Resort. It was built in 1859 and I don't
think it has been updated since!"

Twitter Pic: "This town has a little river running through it."

Mobile Upload: "Garry liked the bear."

Day Two

Mobile Upload: "Main Street in Idaho Springs at 7:30am,
before we set out to Georgetown."

Twitter Pic: "Good morning. We are setting out on day three.
Everything is sore but we're going forward."

Twitter Pic: "A view of the road ahead of us this morning, Day 3."

Twitter Pic: "We had to take a rough dirt road for part of
our journey. The views, however, were very pleasant.

Twitter Pic: "We're climbing higher!"

Twitter Pic: "Georgetown has a beautiful lake with a gorgeous mountain
backdrop. There is a large herd of mountain goats that live here."

Twitter Pic: "The historic town of Georgetown. It was also
the regional railroad station for travel back in the day.

Twitter Pic: "We ate Italian in Georgetown!
Here we are with one of the owners."


Day Two

Twitter Pic: "The place we stayed in Georgetown had a sweet creek out back."

Twitter Pic: "Georgetown was the main Train Depot for these parts in the
1800's. We start climb to Loveland Pass. Wish I could take the train!"

Twitter Pic: "We climbed straight up from Georgetown below. It's rough! "

Twitter Pic: "The crew getting ready for the day at the Silver Plume Train Station"

Twitter Pic: "Our destination. I'm not sure about how many
miles, but we climb about 2500 ft in elevation. Pray hard!"

Twitter Pic: "It was time to stop and check our map. We
DO NOT want to take a wrong turn! This was a good spot."

Twitter Pic: "Garry found another sign he liked.
We've been climbing for 10 miles.

Twitter Pic: "Wichita State Football team memorial. Oct 2, 1970."

Twitter Pic: "We take breaks at pretty spots."

Twitter Pic: "Looking down on the Eisenhower Tunnel. We were
there about 90 minutes ago. We have more of Loveland to climb."

Twitter Pic: "Climbing higher together!"

Twitter Pic: "Garry REALLY REALLY likes this sign!"

Twitter Pic: "Lunch time looking over the Tundra of Loveland Pass."

Twitter Pic: "We will be staying on the other side
of this lake tonight in Frisco, Colorado.

Twitter Pic: "Our home for tonight: Hotel Frisco."

Twitter Pic: "Main Street of Frisco. At the bottom of
street is lake I Twittered earlier, the snow caps are Loveland."

Twitter Pic: "Today we rode 39 miles, 20 of them up a steep
grade. We climbed Loveland and crossed the Continental Divide.

Day One

Twitter Tweet:
We begin our final leg today. We will ride between 40-50 miles and climb Vail Pass.

Mobile Upload: "We will be riding 40 to 50 miles and climbing
climbing Vail Summit (elevation 11,650'). We will be on some
lovely bike paths like this one."

Mobile Upload: "We made it to Vail Summit about 10am.
It was 15 miles from Frisco. We climbed 1500 feet."

Mobile Upload: "This is the view behind us after we reached Vail Summit."

Mobile Upload: "This is the view before us as we head
toward Vail Village. It is about 10:30am."

Mobile Upload: "The bike path had charming bridges along the way."

Mobile Upload: "Look closely, Bambi's in the shadow in the
middle. We saw him about 5 miles from Vail."

Mobile Upload: "I would hate mowing, but it has killer views!
This cottage was next to the bike path at Vail Village."

Mobile Upload: "We are about 5 miles from our final
destination, taking one last break."

Mobile Upload: "We made it to Avon! Just a little over 40 miles today."

Mobile Upload: "The view from our room in Avon, Colorado.
We will be here for the next two weeks. We have finished our
bike trip from Denver to Avon. Thank You for coming along!"